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swirls short kimono with hat

Black & White "Swirls" Short Kimono with Hat (2003)

About Felt

Felt is a non-woven textile created by the compression of wool. Wool has a unique ability to bond to itself; its fibres migrate and interlock with each other to create a permanent and strong fabric.

Felted wool fabric is one of the most ancient textiles. There is evidence of the use of felt for garments and decorative wall hangings from the 6th century BC in Europe and Asia. In Asia, particularly Mongolia, felt is still used for nomadic tents (yurts), clothing, blankets and storage bags.

In recent years there has been a resurgence in feltmaking in Europe and North America. Unlike weaving, felt is not confined by a rigid grid. Felting is much more a proces of painting with fibre. Felting is also a highly tactile process of transformation from loose fibres to a substantive textile.


Felt Care Instructions

All felt pieces are wool and need to be cared for accodingly. Never use a washing machine or rough hand washing for felted items.

Scarves, collars and most throws can be gently hand-washed with any gentle soap recommended for woollens, then rolled in a towel, ironed to block and hung to dry.

Silk-lined garments, tea cozies and hats should be dry-cleaned. 

Wall hangings and most sculptures should also be dry-cleaned.

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