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"Under the Sea" Turquoise Tufted Vest and Hat (2001)


Alice's artworks are characterized both by their utility and their beauty, and there is no fixed dividing line between art and function. Some pieces hang on display in galleries and private collections while others are worn as garments or used in interior design.

Alice uses a variety of imported raw wools which are selected for their felting characteristics, texture, lustre and wearability. They are hand-dyed to provide a wide palette range, and then hand-felted by layering and building up colour and texture to realize the intended design.


Felt Care Instructions

All felt pieces are wool and need to be cared for accodingly. Never use a washing machine or rough hand washing for felted items.

Scarves, collars and most throws can be gently hand-washed with any gentle soap recommended for woollens, then rolled in a towel, ironed to block and hung to dry.

Silk-lined garments and hats should be dry-cleaned. 

Wall hangings and most sculptures should also be dry-cleaned.


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